Thursday 28 March 2013

My Home Office [ Project ]

Finally I solve out which way I put my tables to my Home Office! It wasn't easy - I love Scandinavian airy feeling and don't want put all items by walls. Those my friends which are already went here, can notice that my office room looks more fresh now. But it's not ready... in the Easter time I will have time fixed it.

I'm found old leather Chesterfield armchair from the street - I'm going to do something for it ;) My industrial lamp need a hook to the ceiling and all smallest stuff should find right place. Well, I have Easter for that ;)



  1. It's so Paulina and just wonderful!
    Wow you found the chair! Amazing!
    Love your work space so much! hx

  2. Thaaanks Hege! Let's see what I will do more in Easter time ;) So new photos then!

  3. wow looks amazing Paulina... ;-) Happy easter!

    1. Happy Easter Elvera! I still working here to getting it better ;)


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