Sunday 16 June 2013

Black & White WEEKEND - Sunday

I have to say that I have amazing luck with the street stuff. Look what I found THIS MORNING from the street! Old ladders! It's not an new idea at my home use them like magazine holder, but it's new thing that from the street 2 hours later I'm already painted them to the white! :D

I also painted my old wooden "Feather-towel-frame" to the black (again chalkboard paint) and it's much better now. I will need to just put towels and it's ready ;) I'm going to use 2 same feather towels.

Aaaaand...of course I have this new H&M Feather cushion too! It's gonna be part of my one photo shoot soon too.



  1. Tosi hyvä onni Sinulla, eikä ole ainoa kerta kun löydät kadulta aarteita! Nyt henkkamaukalle sulkatekstiilejä katsomaan.

  2. Voi mulla on kohta puolet kamoista suoraan kadulta :D Mutta tykkään!

  3. It all looks great! Love your new finds!
    Have a nice day! hx

  4. Very beautiful Paulina! Great these ladders and the H&M items!!!

  5. wow, you are so Lucky!

  6. Hihi Lucky one... AGAIN! I think youre blessed with all these founds hihi.


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