Friday 19 July 2013

My bibles!

YES, Sibella Court's books are my bibles! Etcetera, Nomad and The Life of Bowerbird. All of them.

My own taste is maybe more fresh, more white and more less, but these books and Sibella's way to see the things give me absolutely much. Much to my work as Photo-Stylist. I can say that I'm fully inspired from these books! So much, that I feel that I want make my own book too! But by my own style. And if my crazy new innovation idea will come true... there is coming more than one book ;)

Check Sibella's website where you can also order these books.

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  1. Tee kirja, niin täällä ilmoittautuu yksi ostaja...

    1. Kirjoja on tulossa, toivottavasti pian ;)

  2. Fabulous idea, your own book! Look forward to it! x


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