Thursday 5 September 2013

My new industrial pallet car

To one of my next Photo shoot I will need a industrial pallet car, so I searched them from the Marktplaats and it surprise that it's now on my own home?? From Vrieshuis14!

I'm gonna might paint it to the photo shoot by other color and then again back to white after that. I'm so in love to this table!!! Perfect match to my home.

ps. Vrieshuis has still 8 white of them, be quick if you want yours! Notice that they are in vacation since 7th of September to 21th September.



  1. Makee peli! Menee moneen käyttöön!

  2. Wow! It looks fantastic!
    ps. i like your white deer , on my wall, there is a black deer;)

    1. Thanks! I have white reindeer antlers and these moose antlers - both in white ;) Black could working well too!

  3. Wow... love it Paulina.... looks so cool!!!


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