Wednesday 10 September 2014


I had very effective and a once in a life time weekend!

In first, on Friday RTL4 Eigenhuis en Tuin TV program visited filming my home to their TV program. I want to say big thanks to their team, it was a really great experience, but also because without this deadline my home not be ready today :) Big thanks also to my Finnish friend Mari, who caring my dogs that they didn't run middle to filming session, your help was really needed!

Same evening I got a special visitor from Sweden for over weekend and we had so fun with Efty who has own Sixtydays fashion label. We went with her new SS2015 collection at Walhallabrands showroom. So soon you are available find Sixtydays fashion from Holland! So cool!

We went on Sunday also in out of Amsterdam, in Haarlem, for location scouting. We find this amazing Portrait Haarlem conceptstore. You can find more photos from my Instagram. It will be one possible photoshoot location, let's see, but hey, I'm not gonna be a Photographer ;) Sixtydays brand have amazing talent Swedish photographer Patricija Decic, one of my favourite Photographer indeed! So I'm gonna be lucky one to follow next collection photoshooting!

Photos are just only iPhone photos



  1. Patricija is one of my favorite photographers too.

    1. Great! I really love how she do her photos, amazing!

  2. I´m blushing at home here now for your nice compliments!
    Looking so much forward to visiting you and getting to shoot in such a beautiful environment. Kisses and hugs from me <3

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