Saturday 3 January 2015


They say, when you closing some doors, there opening new doors, the better ones.
That happened! Last Fall was very touchful time for me. Sad way, but same time
very great way. Here is some touching moments from the end of last year what
I'm collect to my moodpboard table.

Jaime Mota's Manos de Monja photography


In October I made a working trip to Spain. Amazing time and Tarifa was the amazing
place. I did in the same trip a visit also to see my new friends (and client) in Malaga.
Zoco Home Jan and Johanna showed me really great places and one of them was a
Photo Gallery where the owner selling her  photographer husband photos who
unfortunately passed away few years ago.

I really loved some of his amazing photos and I wanted to buy one photo art and when
I goes to pay it, this owner woman was so grateful, said me how touching this exact
photo was to her with her husband signature and she started crying. I did feel her pain
and I started crying too and I give to her a big hug. It was so emotional moment that we
all leave this gallery tears on our eyes. It was really touching moment and visit. I will
never forget it.

One visit can make miracles. Now Zoco Home started selling those Jaime Mota's
photos on their webshop.  I'm so happy for that. I'm so happy to met Johanna and Jan
and their family, thank you!

Love Warriors Calendar 2015 package


Now on Xmas time me and my family, knew that my Mom has left only little time
before she will pass away. Doctor gives to her only 2 days and we had to start count
hours. Very sad and emotionally situation, very hard for us. A day before Xmas I got
unexpected package delivery by the courier from Love Warriors with written card for
me - they couldn't know my Mom situation, but by the card and gift they sent me
much love. I stood on my living room this card on my hand and the gift, Love
Warriors calendar 2015 on my other hand and I cried. So touchful gift and so in right
moment to my life situation. I will never forget this. I'm so so so grateful. They really
are Love Warrriors.

This LW Calendar say all what I feel for this new year: 2015 let's make magically, 
stunningly, amazingly, perfectly, truly... Ah! Let's just make it.

Inside the box is a calendar by the separate pages for each month with a Photographer 
Hannah Lemholt's and Sara N Bergman's made photos. So beautiful photo art that I'm
gonna collect them as collage to my wall.


One dearest new friend came to my life suddenly and crazy funny way. We didn't know
each others before she came to stay my place here in Amsterdam for a one weekend in
September. Short time, but we feel like we are known always each others. The same
short time and we are had so many things to share each others, touching way. She is
Efty, passionate owner and designer of Sixtydays fashion brand from Sweden. Can't
say enough thanks to her. I love her Sixtydays clothing and every single photos what
she is done with my another new friend a Photographer Patricia Dacic. Those ladies
showed me the great places around in Helsingborg when we met in Sweden. I love
Sixtydays catalogues so much that them stand on my moodboard table all the time.
Can't wait to see the new one!


There is some more touching (things) moments, for sure. I just wish I could put
them to my moodboard table...

Sixty days catalogues + Love Warriors Calendar 2015 package

Love Warriors Calendar, January 2015

Love Warriors Calendar 2015



  1. Dearest Paulina you are by far the the sweetest. Wath a lovely post I feel a bit emotional when I saw and read what you wrote,, thank you for this beautiful and emotional post ❤️ Until we meet again I send you big hugs and kisses//xo xo

  2. You are Patricija wonderful person, thank you! Hope we will see soon <3

  3. Perfect! :) Congratulations , you deserve it! :)

  4. Wish you all the best dear Paulina and hope 2015 will bring you more love and good moments as you've already shared some. Hope you're feeling better. Love, Souraya

    1. Thank you Souray! I wish same to you :) And thanks, I feel better, work helps :)

  5. I love these stunning pictures.
    Lovely hugs and a wonderful 2015

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