Sunday 1 March 2015


Now I have 3 web addresses to my 1 and same website, welcome :)

Edit: Yes, my website is might full of written faults like I'm informed now. I know it, I knew it and it's my way to try to learn better English that I just TRY myself than order ready text. There is coming corrections for sure, so long it's all about me, also with all Worlds most spoken (and written) language: Bad English. Just skip all the text part and try enjoy my made photos ;) 



  1. Good job with the website Paulina !
    Love your work ! Isabelle

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    1. Ok, was trying to say: love what you do, mistakes included ;-) (and had made a mistake myself in previous comment, interesting...)

  3. I think it’s great that your mistakes were pointed out early on, so that you can take steps to correct them immediately. Aside from that, I think your site looks wonderful! It’s easy to navigate, and is quite pleasing to the eyes. Thanks for sharing this with us, Paulina. All the best!

    Andrea Hart @ LeetWeb

  4. Despite all the judgments with your grammar, I think learning the language is a great endeavor. It shows that you are trying to branch out to possible clients, which is a good strategy on self-branding. Moving on to your photos, I think they are astonishing. I took a peek at your website, by the way. While it may look simple at first, it caters your skills very well. Thanks for sharing. Good luck on your future endeavors!

    Nathanial Thorton@ VDB Ventures

  5. You have a great photography and styling skills, and I totally love your shots and designs. Don't worry too much about your grammar, because I'm sure you will improve on it in no time. Good luck and keep on doing what you love, Paulina!

    Porter Sommers @ Plumb Marketing


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