Sunday 27 September 2015


What a past 2 months...just WOW! I'm united new home, visited in Finland and Italy and now finally time update my Blog (few post are doing now) just before I'm going to move to new home here in Amsterdam. Searching new home from Amsterdam is like a full day can't imagine before you are doing that. But here we go - moving week will start tomorrow!

First I wanted just carry my all home stuff to the new home, but last week I started felt that I need might a bit changes so I'm spent time planning new ideas - can't wait make them real!

This amazing photo poster by Norwegian Photographer Anya S Kjolbornsen is one what I should still decide is it coming to my new home and going to my Photo Studio wall. Photo Studio still need some doings and it will start to be ready too. This my own moving suddenly mixed a bit all plans and doings.


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