Sunday 28 February 2016


Only 1,5 month and I live in Milano, Italy.  I'm leaving Amsterdam almost after 5 years. So exciting!

I'm found a Loft kind of open space (with 444cm high ceiling!) on my last Milan visit for my Photo Studio where I can also officially live - what a dream! I will do magic to the floor and some walls before the Container from Amsterdam will arrive with my living stuff.

This weekend I'm finally had time for make some plans - the moodboard about new home style, color choosing for Lime paint walls of l'Authentique color map. 2 Vintage lockers and this old ARRI theather lamp are first additions to my new home ;)

Can't wait my moving! 2 weeks and I'm in Milan again for 4 days visit to manage some official things and enjoy about Milan. I found cool Airbnb apartment where to stay and I wish I can share some photos from there too :)

I hope to find also a Dogsitter from Milan to my 13,5 yrs old, small female dog, when I go to Photoshoot or traveling etc. She is very easy going, but got blind pretty much already so she need human around her very much. So best way is, that Dogsitter can come to my home caring about her. She is my Hairy Kid so Dogsitting is well paid. I'm going to live in Milan in area where 2 different trams stops front of the building.

And oh yes, I will need a Freelancer Assistant for my photoshoots too!
I need only one person who can working with relax way and with great sense of humor and team way, who don't want to do styling (as I do it myself), but want carry, unpacking and re-packing all photoshoot stuff, help building up styling setups - like hanging lamps, move heavy items with me etc. So to be honest Photoshoot days not are glamour, them are like moving days x 4-6 times in one and same day. We need to get photograph all stuff in limited time. Styling sets are also far away of real stylings as I'm building up PICTURES, not real, staying stylings. So assist me is not an best idea to learn Styling at all, if you are dreaming about that chance - Styling happen on my head and on the paper in two weeks before each photoshoot day. Photoshoot days take also  easily 10 hours  or more with traveling, depends about location - instead 8 hour working day we working so long that we get the best results. But there  is not Photoshoots every day. This all is reason why we need passion for this work. I have to be also honest that you, talent who would like to building up own career as I'm done, this is not for you. You will get bored/frustrated with "moving things" only. Actually almost my all business and styling things happen outside of the Photoshoot days, just that you will know what to expect. If you are still interested in, send me message :)

I would be really grateful to know Milan flea markets and if there is online fleamarkets in Italy too - if you could suggest something? I'm tried collect also Italian blogs about interior, but I guess I don't know all of them yet, so if you know cool ones, let me know :)

Milan might not be that amazing attractive city as Amsterdam is, but I can't resist places like this Cafe on Milan Central Station! I Love it! Can't wait to explore also other places in Italy! And  how about food in Italy...

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