Monday 4 April 2016


11th and 13th of April. My moving days!

And I came ill just now, totally wrong moment. But I have a best ever Dogsitter who will fly with me to Milan to helping me with moving stuff for couple of days. I wish she will decide to move Milan on June when she are graduated fro the univercity ;)

Her amazing help and Marktplaats online fleamarket are the things what Im gonna miss in Holland . For sure. Like this old workbench is find from the Marktplaats. But also Van Dijk en Ko 2nd hand shop...biggest part of these my wooden bowls are from there, for example. Still have to go visit there before next Monday!

Almost 5 years ago on one Wednesday I moved to Holland and now it's gonna be next week Wednesday when I leave the country. Funny.


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