Sunday 27 March 2016


I went today with my friend Nicole at KasteelFair - all about Brocante stuff for sale fleamarket way, but ran at one of the Dutch Castle called Kasteel Groeneveld in Baarn. What a cool experience! And we really had fun!

And yes, even it was about Brocante stuff and you might think it's far away from my own style, but there was amazing stuff available - just like I was sure there must be. you just need to pick up coolest ones and mixing them to your own style. Well...Nicole found a Hat and then I found Hat with the head.

The way how I heard about this "Brocante happening at Castle" happened when I picked up this my new pallet cart a week ago from Monique and she told me about it. you can find Monique from those Brocante Fairs around Holland. Check her webshop Mon&Me!

I also found really cool book on my last Milan visit - Malene Birger's MOVE AND WORK from Armani's Bookstore. The best ever bookstore btw where I'm went! I couldn't carry the book around Milan, so I decided order it to my home. It came yesterday and it's full of an ideas. Malene Birger's homes in Mallorca and London plus Showroom in Copenhagen. All about her one and same inspirational mixed style, but a new way with an ideas. Really love it!

Here some pics from the Castle and the Fair - so cool an idea combine them. Next Fair is going to be at Chruch in Zwolle at 9th of April. I think i have to go to see it - my last moments in Holland before Italy!


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