Monday 9 May 2016


Can't wait this WHITE wooden floor coming to my Milan Loft - 2 weeks and it's here!

In the meantime I'm done some painting jobs here and still need to continue with all wall/floor lists.
Stairs and railings were black and I did white magic to them ;) Same the part of the strais wall was black too. For me too much and too strong. White brings up my furniture much better.

So the floor is going to be white. Like you see... now it's partly like "Salami pizza" and partly laminate covered. Well...not for my taste ;) "Salami floor" takes now all attention.

Then when new floor is done, I will setting the all Ay Illuminate Z1 lamps to right places. At living room area (you don't see it much on these photos) I'm doing group hanging of them. My loft has almost 5 meters high ceiling so here is enough space playing with lamps with different highs.

If you are in love to these lamps like I am, you will find them from online store l'Etoile conceptstore - they deliver almost everywhere!

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