Monday 30 May 2016

The Story about how all goes out of control...again

I'm collecting here white setting for Kids - my own styling and shooting project. White Kid room. Must be horror idea for real parents. But it's going to be look awesome. I know. And what a best - all you can wash.

Suddenly I have here my very own 5 pieces of different Wild and Soft animal plush heads to the wall (6th is coming by Post...). Elephant, Rhino, Bear, Icebear and Flamingo.

Suddenly I have old French iron bed for Kids. Small clothing and shoes. Toys. 
I don't even have a kids. Or husband.

I had 2 clients beginning of this year about kids stuff so I needed 2 animal heads first. I also made research about Kids rooms what Pinterest offered and I notice there is not really good ones (say woman who don't have a kids).

Then I did last moment find just before I moved Italy - this black painted old French kids iron bed from Mon En Me when I picked up my bought old Canister from their home. I couldn't resist this sofa-bed as perfect prop for kids shoots. The best part is that I can use it as bed or sofa kind of ways, also it's totally foldable so I can hide it here at my own home ;) So enough reasons to buy bed for the kids and move to Italy :D

When I started collect yesterday this White setting around the iron bed, I noticed that I really need a Bunny head for this setting. None of those 5 ready animal heads here wasn't enough good (???). Yes indeed the Bunny head for this setting! Alice in Wonderland theme! So today I found it from the web and ordered it. White linen beddings was must too.

Something I missing more so every little girls dream  - Tutu dress on white - is still on somewhere on the internet. Believe me, before this day turn to the eve, I'm ordered perfect white Tutu dress from somewhere :D

Ay Illuminate Z5 cotton covered lamp from my bedroom match perfectly to this combo too and all little girls need of course white strorage lego bricks! I was almost buying more them, but I did it - I stopped me. 3 is enough.

And now when I have "lot of" kids stuff here...I'm planning some other Kids rooms too for shoot :D

Now I still need wait the new wooden floor coming and I can start shoot.

Am I crazy? Yes I am. Crazy about of white.

Wild And Soft - Alice rabbit 

Wild And Soft - Alice rabbit 


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