Friday 17 June 2016


Here comes something out of the box...with style and taste. The Yard Milano hotel in Milan, Italy.

I'm heard many times that people are surprised if they are seen my taken dark photos. Like... I can't do them. Well... I can and I love. White is just my very own taste to my own home and I'm been happy to share my white passion with biggest part of my clients.

BUT, I love dark interiors too. Like you are might seen in past week of my posts ;)

I don't know how to explain better way this The Yard hotel's Reception and Lobby areas styling as by it's passionate way done. This hotel's passion. You are surrounded with "Polo style" kind of stuff and style mixed with industrial and vintage pieces when you walk in. It's like a private Collector's home. Or special themed Vintage museum. You see immediately passionate touch every where around you. There is much more to see as what my these photos will show you. I was just so amazed about all detail items that I spent my time capturing mostly them.

I'm never seen any hotel like this. Again big WOW feeling even this style is not just about me, but I loved capture it. Actually I could spent a week there just photographing all cool details and the way how each item has own place. If you really want get a experience, you must go there. Book a night or few!


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