Saturday 23 July 2016


I'm had a project "how to hide 26 pieces of floor pieces without storage cool way" at my Loft home. Each size is 144x55x5 cm. No storage space at all. So new floor is setup, only my mini Kitchen waiting to makeover and same time we add this same white floor there.

But I did it! Pretty cool way ;)
- 10 of them disappeared to the "side table"
- 2 pieces turned to the table top and 
- rest pieces are the new body for the guest bed.

Then yesterday I found from the street a big Terracotta pot. Some hours later I did a magic for it by Lime paints. It fir perfectly next to my Bathroom "door" where the door is actually Bypias linen curtain from one of the store. 

Then I started do some photos.  Even everything is not ready yet. But I found beauty in imperfection ;) Like on the first photo's old steel hook list should get to the wall horizontal way, new but old N industrial letter waiting also setting up to the wall. And vintage work lamp too. A new dinning table must getting a Ay Illuminate Z1 lamp on the below of the table. 

Hopefully soon all those are done!


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