Wednesday 13 July 2016


Well, I found lately 2 new shoes. Fit ones, even them are not might useful for photoshoot exercise ;) When I put them to the table to watch them better, I notice them both looks actually that nice for my eye, that I could just keep them on my table ;) So I took my camera and did some photos.

You can't believe how difficult it's for me to find a shoes which stay on my feet... I'm had this problem whole of my life since I started walk. I have too narrow feet with heels. So there is not so much possibilities if we also include shoes type that I can do photoshoot 8 hrs, run around city after photoshoot props and carry them home...High heels not been option since I started to be a Photographer. And I don't miss my Journalist time with high heels at all. And believe or not, most of the Sneakers don't stay on my heels too... 

These hand made leather Alohas Espadrilles sandals (on the left) I found from Pinterest with direct link to their webshop! I took a risk and ordered them and what a luck I had - them fit! Leather Clogs I found from Zara with pretty huge discount. I told to my Shopping friend that if them not are enough comfortable, I just fit them to my interior at home :D


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