Monday 8 August 2016


We did an inspiration mini holiday with my friend Nicole (from The Secret Souk & Nicxxx Design) to Venice and to this old former mill near in Treviso, Italy. Nicole was went at this Locanda Rosa Rosae already once few years ago for weddings so she wanted to show me this amazing B&B place where we stayed one night. It was incredible amazing experience. 

All details, combination of all old and some really modern makes of it really soulful. No need to tell that Elisabetta's (who mainly run Rosa Rosae B&B) husband Silvio is an Architect and they created this place and live there too. 

Their apartment is on the Attic space and if you are lucky to get to your hands newest (Nr 15
luglio, agosto 2016) an Italian QUIN magazine, their amazing home is featured there. I bought this magazine on the road before we arrived and when I get into the bedroom, I said "Hey I'm seen this room just somewhere for sure!" and I recognised that it was the magazine what I was read on the train. So cool "accident" which makes our visit more special kind of.


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