Thursday 25 August 2016


One of my dream came true on this Monday when my ordered WHITE LINEN slipcovers arrived from Australia.

I was so happy to found from Bisque Interiors collection same lounges for sale in white , which I have at my own home. So I took contact for them and asked if there is any change order just only covers.  And it was! Lucky me!

Now when I know that them really fit, I will order 2nd ones. So when those covers are on loundry, lounges (which I'm put together as a couch) don't need to be without covers. Well I have still old covers of course, but... I want white ;)

What a perfect (white) holiday for me now :) So I took some photos of my "couch" and home.

People often end me questions about these my white cotton covered bamboo lamps. Them are Ay Illuminate Z1 lamps which I really love. You can find them example from l'Etoile Conceptsore webshop.

The plaid on the couch is Tell Me More plaid from  like my linen curtains too. Knitted wool/linen cushions are from Zilalila.

There is coming something another special things soon to my home... can't wait to share them!


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