Sunday 30 October 2016


On same delivery as those my magazines BYPIAS brought for me also cool new pants and cardigan fom their webshop - love them! 

I'm pretty cozy with my outfits,  which I want them look anyway cool and stylish. Just and also because I'm a Photographer. If you ever do over 8 hrs photoshoot... you will start understand me and outfit problems ;) But also that I have always pretty hands and feet. I hate feeling cold so layer outfits works always. Easy to take something off or put something more.

No matter that BYPIAS is my client, and if not, I will love anyway those pieces from their collections which are my kind of style. Because of natural materials and colours. 

This is my very first Fall time in Italy and I'm not sure do we skipped real Fall here as Summer stopped just in one night and then came pretty cold weather like in winter. Weird anyway. But I can wear to all my pullovers and cardigans ;)


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