Sunday 4 December 2016


My yesterday doings... I painted my Cream coloured Smeg fridge to totally matt White! More than satisfied to the result! I placed my new vintage Jielde too.

Im huge fan of industrial and raw kind of items. And I love combine them with fresh white and mordern things. Them gives a soul and stories to my home.

Like this wooden mug from my trip to Essaouira, Morocco. It tooks 3 day and 3 visits before the restaurant owner was ready to make deal of it. 

Or the old Oil can. I drove 1,5 hour per side to pick up it that I could get it to my moving car when I was moving from Amsterdam to Milan. 

Vintage Jielde is cheap found from eBay, I think the seller didn't had an idea what was on his hands...

And how about this normally almost thousand euro cost Smeg fridge? 2nd hand find from Milan by 250€. Working perfect and had now perfect matt white paint since yesterday 😜


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