Friday 9 December 2016


This Xmas is going to be my very first Xmas in Italy! 

Im never been that much Xmas person and when 2 years ago this time my Mom was unfortunately ending her life at the Hospital..., it still feels like it's wrong enjoying about Xmas time. But now I decided change the mood! New life and new mood. 

So Im gonna create a bit Xmas mood to my home ;) In my home country we call it Black Xmas if there is no any snow and actually it's not that bad looking on black if we look this my kind of Xmas look which I took a year ago at @tusenfrojd shop in Sweden 😜

Photo posters are by Love Warriors (Hannah Lemholt Photography + Sara N Bergman) which @tusenfrojd selling. Cool combination! 
And you can enjoy this look a bit later to winter time, not only short Xmas time.

So here I am at home, planning some Xmas decos to my home! 


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