Sunday 25 December 2016


My home on the Xmas 2016 mood.

I wanted create a bit different "Xmas tree"and got an idea use my industrial N-letter - just filled it with branches of plastic Xmas tree. Even I'm not fan of plastic items, this Xmas tree will be uselful also for many upcoming years (and by different shapes) and not give an allergic reaction for me. So N like Natale, which is Xmas in Italian language. 

I rewamped also 6 Cyklamen flowers. Cutted off most of the leafs and added the moss around them. More winter kind of flower setting with Spring kind of fresh feeling.

I didn't wanted buy typical Xmas stuff so instead them I used my beautiful Venetian masks, Black an old Cylinder Hat, Black shoe boxes (which I painted bt l'Authentique Black lime paint), Pour l'Air candles with beautiful packages and some shell balls as Xmas decoration. All I finished Black Vanilla scented candles from Zara which I was already collected on this Fall time.

Perfect for me ;)


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