Sunday 18 June 2017


How about.... if we start styling our homes with Jeans???  I mean Jeans, not just Denim as fabric, just Jeans. I'm now in love to combo of Jeans and white interiors!

I went today in Denim Boulevard Milano and it was pretty fantastic visit! Believe me, I didn't know in advance that it was inside in white space, but it fits for me like you can believe ;) Full of Denims and also Barber things and stuff.

I found super interesting Japanese magazine about Shop Interiors and of course bought it, but there was many many themed magazines what I'm been just only dreamed before. Amazing inspiring ones. looks first might too manly ones, but them were filled with super inspired and stylish photos!
I'm said it thousand times, and still saying as former Interior Journalist, that I believe for themed magazines instead those ones which try to pleasing everyone. So happy that I find these special ones!

But what a best... I met amazing new people and what a personalities and styles! Have a look ;)

ps. it's still open tomorrow on Monday 19th of June in Via Tortona 32 here in Milan!


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