Friday 25 August 2017


I went in Finland about 2 weeks ago. Pretty hectic trip with 3 working days, my dear friends Weddings another day, friends meeting and fast few days family visit where I also shot my childhood home which is now for sale - shame I didn't found enough good flights to stay longer. But but I found some new things to bring for my own home ;) 

One is this old wooden box, originally from India and founded from Sasu's Playhouse store in Porvoo. Perfect for my rings and other jewellers, which I'm actually inherited and planned to create something very own for me. Hopefully I can share soon something cool about made of them ;) 

The Ring Box was one which still fitted to my bag, but of course I found something bigger to buy from Sasu's Playhouse too, but service was so great that they were able to send it to me to Milan. I will share it a bit later ;)


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