Monday 22 January 2018


Dreams comes true! I have a now 2nd Styling + Photo Studio space here in Milan - The Lab

Still not total ready with wall painting jobs, but it's getting more and more ready now ;)

Also wanted to publish chance for the collaboration deal with me:

So it's time to start adding missing pieces to my Lab Styling Studio😜 In case you could be interested in make an exchance deal with your products vs my Styling Photoshoot for your business at my new Lab Studio by these exchance items. Let me know and take contact by email

The space is limited same as my taste to accept ”everything” so I have a list what I have still missing/looking for, but you can anyway offer and let’s see if we are the match😊
The style is going to be mix of raw metal (raw metal grey), white linen furniture, white floor, cold beige chalk paint walls, industrial furniture/items, rough/chunky textiles. 
Great chance with great benefits for both of us with promotion, I believe. 

Some on the list just now:
- Freestanding Bathtub ”half egg shape”
- Arm knitted/ chunky blankets
- big Fireplace (bioethanol)
- Zellige tiles
- Tin tiles about 60x60 cm sizes
- Mark Eden Koushi lamps 2-3 diameter minimum 60cm
- Old looking metal Spiral Staircase
- Rough old metal/industrial pieces
- Raw wood sidetable + bench - smaller deco items


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