Thursday 31 October 2013

Locations for my upcoming photoshoots?

Two first photos are from Photography Studio 13 daylight studio in Amsterdam (love-love-love!!!) and the last one is from Sectie-C area in Dutch Design Week. 

Location is most important thing for making the pictures. It give background, right vibes and color theme to the pictures, but it give also right style. Wholeness. So location has big role when we building up pictures.

So when I start planning photoshoot for items what we want shooting, the first thing is find location where to do it. I love use real homes, but all other locations are always option too.

If you have/know interesting possible locations - let me know - now or later :) Thx

• • •



  1. Hey of course Nathalie! You never know when I have photo shoot there ;) In fact I'm already got once email from one new brand from there ;) Thx

  2. A completely different question: What script font are you using on the first image where it says "have you"? It's stunning!


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