Saturday 2 November 2013


So. I feel (and I want!) that I need to change my life more than little bit and it's more easiest start from the home.  I have several other life chancing plans too - near future and also later ones. I'm happy, happy :) Life without plans is simple boring.

Awhile ago I sold my 6 steel Army boxes and I have two possible plans how to "fill" this same empty space. Let's see later what I will do. And believe or not...white Moroccan pouf is coming finally(!), hopefully it's here in next week.

Empty space had to fill with something, so I just collected all my big frames together so long time that new better solution is made.

Something else I'm also did already! My reclaimed LOVE letters are on the wall now and I did it myself! I'm so happy.

This table corner on my home it's been difficult...table is not mine, it's include to my rent home same as those chairs around on it. I really not use table as dining table, so it's more as "Gallery table" where I collect different kind of things. And this corner needed something and it was love ;)



  1. LOVE the letters and the styling!!! I like the touch of wood :) Can't wait to see the ideas...!!!

    1. ;) Ah table is not my favorite to my own personal style, but cool looking yes :)

  2. How did you make the LOVE letters?

    1. Those letters are old reclaimed letters, I just painted them by matt black paint :)


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