Thursday 2 June 2016


A bit about Styling Behind The Scenes things. I combined and collected natural props to my upcoming Kids rooms shoot. It's interesting how one and same item gives so different vibe in totally other combination... It could be shame use one item only once, I prefer to find all different possibilities to use one and same item :)

I love play with structures and materials - linen, wool, wood, old rusted steel, knitted textures, monotone tones and moods, but some kind of fresh way. Those gives perfect calm background to all full coloured kids toys and room will not looks like a circus. Kids room is possible to match that way to main home style as well if wanted.

The Prop list:
Plush animal heads I'm bought as 2nd hand, but them are by Wild And Soft | Bibib brand.
Plush toys on the bed are from Loods5, Zaandam.
Grey knitted cushion on the bed is from Zilalila.
Linen duvet covers H&M (white) and IKEA (natural with knots).
Longer linen pillow cover and linen sack from Not So Perfect Linen.
Big floor cushion by Sukha Amsterdam.
Jielde lamp from Marktplaats (Dutch eBay).
Wooden stool from Best4you.
Wooden box from Raw Materials Store, Amsterdam.
Car by Vilac brand.
Old canister from Mon En Me.


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