Thursday 2 June 2016


I couldn't resist shot this not-fully-ready styling set as I wanted to wait my new floor but hey, I can do more stylings and photo then when it's came so here we go!

The Prop list:
Plush animal heads I'm bought as 2nd hand, but them are by Wild And Soft | Bibib brand.
Plush toy on the bed is from IKEA, but I'm took his jacket off ;)
Grey knitted cushion on the bed is from Mikmax.
Linen duvet cover Bypias.
Striped duvet/mattress is by Sukha Amsterdam from l'toile Conceptstore.
Big floor cushion by Sukha Amsterdam.
Plush Moose from IKEA.
Wooden milking stool by Kikoi.
Jielde lamp find from IJHallen flemarket (Amsterdam).



  1. Adorable! Also, those are the cutest little jeans and shoes. Where are they from?


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