Thursday 1 September 2016


I'm found a new absolutely favorite magazine for me! QUIN magazine from Italy. 

Even it's mostly about a "dark mood" kind of, I love the mood, I love creative ideas  and style on those homes which are featured. There is styles mixed of natural, modern new, rustic and amazing architectures. And like you can know me... I 'm also watching those pages how them could look on white ;)

As a former interior journalist, I love this magazine. It's made by full of quality.  They have own theme and style what they follow. They don't try to pleasing everyone which makes of this magazine special. All homes are uniques. I mean special way. Them not are typical homes at all. There is also a bit romantic style side what is not so about me, but I'm enjoying look the pictures, because quality how them are made is so great.  Almost all, or might just all, pictures are done by Michele Notarangelo and Andrea Rinaldi. It gives for sure same line and quality to magazine from the cover to the back.Every issue it's like a book.

By one sentence: this magazine really inspiring me. And yes, I can be inspired surprising way too. Not all need to be in white. Not at all.

And there is a story how I found this my new favourite one:
Nicole and I were heading by train from Venice to B&B Locanda Rosa Rosae. We had to take another train and I wanted to buy some magazines before next train. And I bought my very first Quin, which I wasn't seen before. Not so miracle. 
But miracle was, that on the train I was checked the magazine and when we arrived to Locanda Rosa Rosae (old mill, you can see the picture on here) and we stepped into one of it's bedrooms, I recognized it immediately. I felt like I was been there before even I didn't. 
Then I understood. I was seen the pictures on this my new magazine on the train. So we checked again and yes - we standing at same bedroom which standing as picture on the magazine. It was like a deja vu kind of experience. So cool.


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