Monday 29 May 2017


I have a ongoing branding project for Kidnapit fake Brand. Yes, fake one. It's my own project developing special Kids room styling Brand which is a sample for my current and future clients to show Brand Image building, how to use photos and everything what including around it. Actually pretty exciting and interesting personal project ;)

Here is something what I have collected to upcoming styling shoot for this project - Numero74 bedding textiles and flag garland, l'Authentique Chalk paint colour chart, Leander Junior bed on white, Wild and Soft Hare animal head. More is coming around...

Numero74 is one of my absolutely favourite Kids room decorate and textile Brand and not only because their amazing products and product colours, also because of their Brand Image and way to use it. So there is coming for sure more their products to my future shoots and to styling collection. 

Leander producing amazing 3-in-1 beds: from the Baby Cot model you can make 3 different size beds. My Styling Studio has now white and light grey one for future shoots. I have painted this light grey one by l'Authentique Chalk paint and will painting it different colours when needed.

Wild and Soft animal heads are my all-time favourites too - for this shoot is coming Hare head ;)



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