Thursday 11 May 2017


NEW a-m-a-z-i-n-g  l'Etoile Store is now in Bergen, The Netherlands. It's opened its doors smoothly already, but the official Openings stands on 21th of May. You should go see it... it is just full of soul food for me...I could just buy all! Actually I could LIVE there! You can't find these Palm leaf lamps in other shops in the Netherlands and there you will find some furniture and small stuff as well. 

And not only the products, Elisabeth Borger, the shop owner is a Interior Architect and Designer, so she knows how to combine everything - the whole store has a her soul and taste. If you ever need a Designer for your home/business/store...she is the one to make it happen! Elisabeth has her creative office back of the store behind glass window doors, but you are able to check the office area too! 

And for those who can't, yet, visit at this new l'Etoile is the photos to enjoy...but they have a also webshop!


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