Monday 14 May 2018


Lot of doings been here in past months that not had even enough time update my blog!

New Studio - the Lab - had some delays and cancellations with some furniture and needed re-planned total way like upcoming "kitchen" of that reason. But I'm saying that those happened of reason that there came space for new and better ones!

There is arrived amazing Snowdrops Copenhagen wooden vintage dinning table, side table, benches and stools + deco items, old double doors, white linen Couch from Maisons du Monde, Chalk paints and Stuccos from l'Authentique Paints, Dassie Artisan dinnewear set, Hale Mercantile Co bedding textiles, old wrkbench from eBay and still waiting one Vintage locker and some lamps for upcoming.  And more is coming. More greyish touch natural and industrial way in the end. A bit different also in the end as it might looks now at the moment ;) Can't wait to show you soon!

And there is coming lot of shootings too - bedrooms, ceramics, bathrooms, kids room, Art, Living rooms, textiles, vinyl surfaces and Deco stuff Styling Shoots. Can't wait start them on this week!

The Lab is getting listed also to several Milan Location Agencies, like the Loft is now already (new current photos just added!). My Styling Studios are available for other Photographers and Film makers too. 



  1. Where are those little trunks from. So beautiful

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