Wednesday 15 August 2018


Here we go... current photos from my Loft and my home. I feel I'm find balance and places to all shooting props which anyway are my taste love and my world with all stories and connections behind of them :) My home reflect of my soul, my taste, just about of me and what I love and like. I'm the project kind of person and I'm so happy I have a my Lab Studio project on going, but what happen when it will getting ready?? Need place? 😂 Well there is all my clients styling shoot projects to helping for that!

There is upcoming some Home Stories for interior magazines of my Loft, so let's wait those stories and there is then more about of all furniture and items. Will telling when those are published.



  1. Hi! Thanks so much for your blog. I am wandering if we could know the brand of the natual fiber table lamp used in this projects. Best regards.

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